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Level 1 Wandering Monster Encounter Generator

3 Monsters GeneratedACHPAttacksDamage
Goblin6 11 weapon1d6 or weapon
Goblin6 11 weapon1d6 or weapon
Goblin6 61 weapon1d6 or weapon
Monster Distance: 110 feet away
Surprise Reaction: PCs: Not Surprised - Monsters: Not Surprised
Monster Reaction: Hostile, possible attack
Monster Morale After 1st Death: Monsters retreats or surrender
Monster Morale After Half Incapacitated: NA - Monsters previously retreated or surrendered.

Stat Block for Goblin
Armor Class: 6 | Hit Dice: 1-1 | Move: 60' (20') | Attacks: 1 weapon | Damage: 1d6 or weapon | Number Appearing: 2-8 (6-60) | Save As: Fighter 1 | Morale: 7 | Treasure Type: R | Alignment: Chaotic | Source Page: B36

Notes: Goblins are a small incredibly ugly human-like race. Their skin is a pale earthy color, such as chalky tan or livid gray. Their eyes are red, and glow when there is little light, somewhat like rat's eyes. Goblins live underground and have well-developed infravision (heat-sensing sight) to 90'. In full daylight they fight with a penalty of -1 on their "to hit" rolls. Goblins hate dwarves and will attack them on sight. There is a 20% chance that when goblins are encountered, 1 of every 4 will be riding a dire wolf.

In the goblin lair lives a goblin king with 15 hit points who fights as a 3 hit dice monster and gains + 1 on damage rolls. The goblin king has a bodyguard of 2-12 goblins who fight as 2 hit dice monsters and have 2-12 hit points each. The king and his bodyguard may fight in full daylight without a penalty. The goblin morale will be 9 rather than 7 as long as their king is with them and still alive. Treasure type C is only found in the goblin lair or when encountered in the wilderness.

Treasure Found
Copper Pieces: 0 per individual
Silver Pieces: 0 per individual
Electrum Pieces: 2 per individual
Gold Pieces: 0 per individual
Platinum Pieces: 0 per individual

Experience Points Awarded
XP Earned Per Monster: 10
Total XP Earned For All 3 Monsters: 30
Total XP Earned For Treasure Found (In Gold Pieces): 1 per individual
Total XP Earned For Encounter: 30 total + 1 per individual

Rolls For No. Appearing
Result of die rolled: 3

Rolls For Monster Distance
Result of 2d6 rolled: 5, 6

Rolls For Monster Surprise
Result of 1d6 rolled for PC Surprise: 3
Result of 1d6 rolled for Monster Surprise: 3

Rolls For Monster Reaction
Result of 2d6 rolled: 3, 1

Rolls For Monster Morale
Result of 2d6 rolled (after first death): 5, 6
Result of 2d6 rolled (after half incapcitated): 3, 4

Monster Die Rolls
Monster 1 Result of die rolled: 2
Monster 2 Result of die rolled: 1
Monster 3 Result of die rolled: 7

Treasure Type Die Rolls
D100 Roll for Copper Pieces: 53 - Percentage Roll Failed - Did not roll a 0 or lower - No Copper Generated
D100 Roll for Silver Pieces: 82 - Percentage Roll Failed - Did not roll a 0 or lower - No Silver Generated
D100 Roll for Electrum Pieces: 72 - Result of die rolled: 0.002
D100 Roll for Gold Pieces: 54 - Percentage Roll Failed - Did not roll a 0 or lower - No Gold Generated
D100 Roll for Platinum Pieces: 23 - Percentage Roll Failed - Did not roll a 0 or lower - No Platinum Generated