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Level 1 Wandering Monster Encounter Generator

2 Monsters GeneratedACHPAttacksDamage
Beetle (Fire)4 71 bite2d4
Beetle (Fire)4 101 bite2d4
Monster Distance: 30 feet away
Surprise Reaction: PCs: Surprised - Monsters: Not Surprised
Monster Reaction: Uncertain, monster confused
Monster Morale After 1st Death: Monsters retreats or surrender
Monster Morale After Half Incapacitated: NA - Monsters previously retreated or surrendered.

Stat Block for Beetle (Fire)
Armor Class: 4 | Hit Dice: 1+2 | Move: 120' (40') | Attacks: 1 bite | Damage: 2d4 | Number Appearing: 1-8 (2-12) | Save As: Fighter 1 | Morale: 7 | Treasure Type: Nil | Alignment: Neutral | Source Page: B31

Notes: Fire beetles are 2' long creatures often found below ground. They are nocturnal, but may be active underground at any time. A fire beetle has two glowing glands above its eyes and one near the back of its abdomen. These glands give off light in a 10' radius, and will continue to glow for 1-6 days after they are removed.

Treasure Found
Copper Pieces: 0
Silver Pieces: 0
Electrum Pieces: 0
Gold Pieces: 0
Platinum Pieces: 0

Experience Points Awarded
XP Earned Per Monster: 15
Total XP Earned For All 2 Monsters: 30
Total XP Earned For Treasure Found (In Gold Pieces): 0
Total XP Earned For Encounter: 30

Rolls For No. Appearing
Result of die rolled: 2

Rolls For Monster Distance
Result of 2d6 rolled: 2, 1

Rolls For Monster Surprise
Result of 1d6 rolled for PC Surprise: 2
Result of 1d6 rolled for Monster Surprise: 3

Rolls For Monster Reaction
Result of 2d6 rolled: 1, 6

Rolls For Monster Morale
Result of 2d6 rolled (after first death): 4, 4
Result of 2d6 rolled (after half incapcitated): 4, 5

Monster Die Rolls
Monster 1 Result of die rolled: 5
Monster 2 Result of die rolled: 8

Treasure Type Die Rolls
D100 Roll for Copper Pieces: - Result of die rolled: 0
D100 Roll for Silver Pieces: - Result of die rolled: 0
D100 Roll for Electrum Pieces: - Result of die rolled: 0
D100 Roll for Gold Pieces: - Result of die rolled: 0
D100 Roll for Platinum Pieces: - Result of die rolled: 0