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Where Does All The Time Go?

June 30, 2016: So a whole quarter has passed by and not one additional update to this site.

While the latest update to this site is minimal at best (big deal Tony, you reduced the size of the image on the header of each page), I needed to do something in order to get back into the groove of maintaining this site.

In order to maintain an ongoing effort of adding, mending and troubleshooting apps on this site, I am committing to using this front page as a way for me to be accountable to both the users of this site and myself. I will do this by listing various features that I would like to see on this very front page. This way whenever I come here to plan for and run my weekly online games, I will always have a monkey on my shoulder pointing out things that I have missed and things that I am late on.

Here are a few items I have on the back burner to add to this site. If you would like to make any recommendations or suggestions, you know how to find me.

Tony Bravo

A New Look...

March 20, 2016: It's been a long time coming, but we finally added a fresh coat of paint to the site.

Even though this site has been the first choice that many DMs would go to to help prepare for and to expand on their current campaign, the site had been a bit of an eye sore. It was ugly, the user interface was clunky and it left a lot to be desired.

The main reason why the site was given a facelift was so that we would look more credible in the eyes of our users. Regardless of how functional and how well the tools worked, no one ever said 'that page is a nice looking site'. In fact, the words people would use were something along the lines of 'that has some great content on it... too bad its uglier than a dogs backside".

Another new feature added is this commentary section on the home page. I'll be using it every so often to give updates to my users and just to bring up some various Basic Expert tidbits that pass my way.

With all that said, I hope you continue to enjoy the tools I've brought to life.

Tony Bravo